“POWERADE® ICE BERRY Thirstbuster Contest” Promotion (the “Promotion”)

“POWERADE® ICE BERRY Thirstbuster Contest” Promotion (the “Promotion”)


This completion of the online declaration and release form for the “POWERADE® ICE BERRY Thirstbuster Contest” is a Liability Release and Declaration of Compliance (“Declaration”) to be completed online within ninety-six (96) hours of receipt.  If your completed Declaration is not received within this timeframe, another entrant will be selected for a chance to win.

The personal information collected on the online form will be used for the purpose of administering the Promotion.

The prize must be awarded as accepted. All unclaimed prizes are considered forfeited and remain the property of the contest Sponsor. Prizes have zero cash value. No prize substitution, exchange or transfer of prize by any winner is permitted. Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize or any component of a prize for one of equal or greater value.

By completing the online form “you” (the potential winner), hereby state that you are submitting the Declaration with the understanding that it will be relied upon to determine your eligibility to receive the prize awarded through the text messaging flow (the “Prize”) for which your entry has been submitted in the POWERADE® ICE BERRY Thirstbuster Contest Promotion. Please see the Official Rules of the Promotion for further prize details and eligibility requirements.

You hereby declare that you have read, fully understood and complied with, and will continue to comply with, the Official Rules of this Promotion and that you have perpetrated no fraud or deception in entering the Promotion or in claiming any prize that may be awarded to you. You have correctly answered the skill-testing question in the manner prescribed.

You confirm that you are over the age of majority in the province which you reside OR that you and your child have read, fully understood and complied with, and will continue to comply with, all of the rules and regulations of this Promotion and that you have perpetrated no fraud or deception in entering the Promotion or in claiming any prize that may be awarded to yourself/your child. 

You also represent that neither you nor any member of your immediate family or anyone living in your household are (i) employees, officers, directors, representatives or agents of Coca-Cola Ltd., authorized bottlers or distributors of Coca-Cola® products, their respective advertising and promotion agencies, LPi Communications Group, Impact Mobile, or any of their respective parent corporations, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, etc., any other entity connected with this promotion; and (ii) that neither you nor any immediate family member or anyone living in your household is connected with any of the above. 

You understand that neither Sponsor (as defined in the Official Rules) nor its parent corporations, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, assigns, etc. nor any entity connected with this Promotion will be responsible for any costs (including, without limitation, any federal, provincial or local taxes), you may incur in connection with this Promotion or any prize you may be awarded.

You hereby grant to the Sponsor the absolute right and permission to use your name, likeness, image and/or voice and name your city of residence in any and all advertising and promotion materials in any manner or media whatsoever, worldwide, for advertising and promotional purposes in conjunction with this and similar promotions without notice and without further compensation. You acknowledge that the Sponsor may decide not to use your name.  You shall have no right of approval, no claim to any compensation, and no claim arising out of the use, alteration, distortion or illusionary effect or use in any composite form of your name, address, photograph or likeness.

You hereby consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance Coca-Cola Ltd.’s privacy policy found at http://coca-cola.ca/privacypolicy.html, and for the purposes of administering this Promotion in accordance with the Official Promotion Rules.

By accepting the Prize in this Promotion, you agree to release and hold harmless Coca-Cola Ltd, the authorized bottlers or distributors of Coca-Cola® products, each of their parent, subsidiary, affiliate and related companies, and each of its and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents (collectively the “Released Parties”) from and against any losses, damages, rights, claim or cause of action of any kind arising, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, out of participation in the Promotion or resulting, directly or indirectly, from acceptance, possession, use, or misuse of a prize or any prize awarded in connection with the Promotion, including without limitation personal injury, death, and/or property damage, as well as claims based on publicity rights, defamation, and/or invasion of privacy.

You fully release, indemnify and forever discharge the Sponsor, its authorized bottlers, and their respective agents, affiliates, subsidiaries, related companies, partners, partnerships, principals, owners, representatives, contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, advertising and promotional agencies, and its respective officers, directors, shareholders and employees (hereinafter collectively referred to as the (“Releasees”) from, and waive as against the Releasees, all recourses, loss or damages including any consequential loss or damages, actions, causes of action, suits, debts, dues, accounts, bonds, covenants, contracts, claims and demands whatsoever, including without limitation, any claim based on the loss of ability to earn income, claims for injury, death, illness, delay or cancellation (hereinafter collectively referred to as (“Claims”), which you, your heirs, executors, administrators or personal representatives now have or hereafter can, shall or may for or by reason of or in any way howsoever arising out of the Contest and your receipt of or participation in the Prize awarded pursuant to the Contest, including, without limitation, any Claims arising out of the subsequent use of or participation in the Prize, whether such use is by you or by anyone else acting with or without your knowledge and/or consent.

You hereby waive any and all rights, demands, claims and causes of action whatsoever which you may now or hereafter be entitled to assert, including, but not limited to any claims resulting from death, injury, loss of enjoyment or other harm or loss of any nature whatsoever caused by, contributed to, or arising out of any prize awarded to you in this Promotion.  You hereby release the Sponsor and the Released Parties, as defined the Official Rules, from all liability.

You understand that you will be disqualified from receiving and agree to return immediately upon demand to Sponsor any prize or the value of such prize which may be awarded to you if any statement made by you in this Declaration is false.  You state further that you have read the above Declaration and liability release prior to its execution, and that you fully understand its contents.

It is understood and agreed that this is a complete RELEASE and DISCHARGE of all claims and rights of the undersigned against the Released Parties (as defined in the Official Promotion Rules) and that no action will be taken by or on behalf of the online form with respect to any such rights, it being understood that this release shall be binding upon the heirs, executors, and administrators of the undersigned.